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[08 Feb 2004|02:49am]
new livejournal....


yeah, it got confusing have two lj names almost identical to each other.. so i had to change one, and it was easier to change this one

[09 Nov 2003|01:09am]
I hate to ask this, but does anyone know of a good free webhost besides Geocities, Aol Hometown, Tripod, or Angelfire? I want to make a webpage for my poems and art work ((when my scanner is hooked up)) and Geocities and Aol don't like to open on my computer, I don't understand Angelfire and I'm sick of using tripod. If you do, please let me know what it is. Thank you so much.

mest up kid

[26 Oct 2003|08:14pm]
Hi there. New livejournal. I had left here for a while, and went to blurty, but I don't want that anymore, cuz I can't write true feelings and stuff in it, cuz anything I write, I'll get yelled at for.. well, kate might yell at me for this one.. but oh well, at least it will be one person, and not like a million. Alrighty, well, I'm gona go do some stuff n then come back n write... ((the rest of this is going to be friends only, so if you want to be able to read it or whatever, leave a comment and I'll add ya..))

Dig a ditch deep enough To keep you clear of the sun You've been burned more than once You don't think much of trust

mest up kid

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